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Our Range

ColourB4. Hair Colour Remover. Safely rewind to your colour before. The first commercial Hair Colour Remover in the UK!

ColourB4 Regular

ColourB4 Regular Strength. Perfect for Light to Mid Tone colour removal

ColourB4 Extra Strength

ColourB4 Extra Strength. Perfect for Dark Tones and colour build-up

ColourB4 Frequent Use

ColourB4 Regular Frequent Use. Perfect for frequent removal of all colours

ColourB4 Fashion Colours

ColourB4 Fashion Colours. Perfect for Fashion Colour Removal*

ColourB4 Fashion 50th Anniversary

ColourB4 Superdrug 50th Anniversary Special Edition

Before and After

We have thousands of happy customers! Want to see more, or leave your own before and after pictures after using ColourB4 for the chance of a free box, please visit us on Facebook

I have never been so impressed!

As you can see from the pictures my hair is quite long and I do have a lot of it so I did need two boxes. I was sent three so I might use the last box on my ends to see if I can lighten it any more

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Most of you have probably heard of ColourB4, known for being UKs No.1 stocked in stores and retailed at only £10 its such a bargainI never expected to like this! Read my full blog post here

Jessica, Copper Garden

Im so happy with the results i could not be more happier :) i did dye the ends of my hair to get rid of the blonde which had turned yellow from stripping it but over all thanks to ColourB4 my hair is now perfect and summer ready.Read my full blog post here

Tash, Simply Beauty

I didn't expect the results to be so drastic. Last time I did it, it was still pretty dark. Then one of my Instagram followers told me she used 2 boxes recently and they didn't work. Odd. But I was honestly expecting this not to work as well as it has. I honestly can't get over how light it is. But I'm so glad this worked!Read my full blog post here

Bicky, tasteslikeglitter

About ColourB4

ColourB4 is the original and best hair colour removal product in the UK. As anyone who’s suffered a home hair dye disaster will know, changing your hair colour isn’t always as straightforward and easy as glossy mags or TV would have you believe. And while hair dye has been in use since ancient Egyptian times, until recently, no products were available to effectively remove hair colour.