ColourB4. Hair Colour Remover. Safely rewind to your colour before. The first commercial Hair Colour Remover in the UK!

ColourB4 hair colour remover is the safest and most effective way to reverse an undesirable hair colour application. ColourB4 shrinks the artificial dye molecules in the hair, enabling you to simply wash them away. What?s more ColourB4 does not touch your natural hair pigment so you are left with the colour which lay beneath your artificial shade.

ColourB4 takes you back to your lightest shade. It will return your hair to its natural colour if the artificial hair colour applied is darker than your natural level. If the artificial hair colour applied is lighter than your natural colour, the natural pigment within your hair has been chemically lightened. Although ColourB4 will remove the artificial dye, you will still notice your natural hair colour has lightened.In this situation (and to re-create your natural shade) simply select a hair colorant close to your own natural depth and tone. However, always select by one shade lighter than your (natural) depth to ensure a realistic result.


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