Miley Cyrus’ punkish blonde crop

Miley Cyrus’ punkish blonde crop

Miley Cyrus has definitely waved goodbye to her sweet, innocent Hannah Montana image, hasn't she? At the Teen Choice awards, the Colour B4 team didn't know what to make of her short, punkish blonde crop. What do you think?

At first glance, it does look a bit shocking, especially when you compare it to more conventional teens / twenty somethings like Selena Gomez and the Little Mix band. But then you have to admit it's good on her for standing out and being different. Miley is trend-setting rather than trend-following.

When it comes to hair, the Colour B4 team think you should try anything once. There's no excuse not to as Colour B4 will take you back to your original color if you don't like the new one. Miley had lovely honey browm locks to start with so who knows how long she will be a blonde fir. But at least she can say she's been there and done that - no regrets!

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